design, passion and horses

I understand......I communicate.....I trust!

With Graphic Design and horses being my passion, I balance the two out to make a fantastic combination.
With my book available about Graphic Design for young and upcoming Designers, to my lesson plans for youngsters written out of experience, you won’t be disappointed. It is always interesting to read about others experiences and how they deal with certain things in life. I also accepted that everyone is as individual as can be and that you won’t always approve of my motives and comments but I try to be as clear as possible to describe to you what best worked for me.

Feel free to contact me for a free lesson plan download or a sneak peak about my book if you’d like to see more! Don’t hesitate! You have nothing to lose but so much to gain! 

Krea-Kuns / Crea-Art.

My lifelong dream of writing a book since I was little became a reality and now it’s here! I have taken all my knowledge and experience and put it all together in this 56 page, A5 full colour book. Displaying my designs and explaining certain design criteria, you’ll never find that a Designer spill the beans on their tips and tricks and will always leave you with a blank to fill in yourself. I struggled when I got into the whole Design thing and I had to learn the hard way. That’s when I decided to make it better, easier and more possible for the younger generation, the students out there who want to study in the field but the descriptions and learning material looks a little vague! You’ve got it all now!! I’m available for questions and answers, evaluating artwork, portfolio’s and website designs. If you need to get your head open and get out of the box, give me a shout and I’ll give you hints!! I’m doing this because I love it and I’m doing this because I actually care!
Feel free to drop me a line and I’ll be more than happy to help!!

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Equine Love.

I’ve been riding since I was very little and never stopped, just rested. After buying my first horse in 2001, I went all out. His name was Hercles. He was a little black Fresian crossed with something that crossed with a whole lot of somethings but with a heart of gold! Together me and my ‘troubled’ steed, who didn’t like people, conquered the world! We made it big in the dressage world and even bigger in the jumping one! Never competed in jumping because he had show stress and his hooves grew anvils as soon as we would enter the jumping arena at a show, but he jumped his heart out at local shows closer to he could sense his stable is near and that it’s safe to launch himself from the earth over 12 or more fences and he’s sure to be back and not floating away. He was adorable. A troubled soul when I bought him and a black gift from God when he retired at the estimated age of 22. All my love and devotion went to him and because of him I started making the most out of the ‘troubled ones’. He taught me confidence, patience and how to superglue your butt to the saddle when he decides it’s flying time!

With all that and some experience gained working at two entirely different Stud Farms, I wrote up lesson plans for those who don’t know what to work on next or get stuck with one thing. How to get your horse further, more supple, calm and RIDEABLE! Without a whip, you and your friend will be wizzing away, just take what I tell you and put it to practice. You don’t need to spend 4 hours, just simple 20 minute workouts and a few apples afterwards. After all, we are a bunch of aliens, strapping all sorts of stuff to our horses, kicking them in the sides and making them carry our sorry bums all over the place! Who WOULDN’T buck!

Hope to hear from you soon!!!